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Complete Cleaning Services for Chutes, Shafts, and Chases of All Types

Our team at United Safety Services Inc. knows there are three things all vertical shafts have in common. Their surfaces will accumulate dirt and debris, they can be difficult to inspect and natural airflow through your vertical shafts will help spread that debris.

Our team has more than 60 years of industry experience when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, painting, and washing any vertical shafts on your property, including elevators, dumbwaiters, conveyors, and chutes of all varieties.

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Preventing Debris From Accumulating in Your Shafts

Laundry and trash chutes are prone to collect debris and foreign matter through their normal usage and have to be periodically cleaned. Elevator shafts, dumbwaiter, and pipe chases also tend to collect hazardous dust and debris, as well as grease and oil from their mechanisms.

Since verifying the condition of these various types requires a certain expertise, they are often not addressed as part of standard housekeeping schedules and cleanliness standards. This has the potential to create serious problems with future maintenance, the possibility of fire danger or the spread of contamination. 

Fire hazards are a major concern because these shafts can constitute an unrestricted vertical passageway and eliminating debris from chute and shaft interiors is a significant step toward maintaining a clean and fire-safe building.

Regular Disinfectant Application

Regular disinfecting options from United Safety Services Inc., combined with our effective cleaning services, provide the best possible option for maintaining the cleanliness of your shafts and chutes.

A number of professional inspection agencies will commonly insist upon regular cleaning of any shafts and chutes on your property, and in some cases, before and after microscopic slide tests are conducted. Our cleaning services will remove any foreign matter from your chutes and shafts. Convenient follow-up services are also available for washing or painting any necessary interior surfaces. 

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