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Exhaust air system

Safe and Effective Exhaust System Services

United Safety Services Inc. offers complete cleaning services and degreasing and fire-retardant products to help your business eliminate a number of possibly dangerous conditions associated with typical commercial and industrial exhaust systems. 

Of all the different businesses that our knowledgeable team has serviced since 1950, not one has experienced a fire occurring in the air systems.

Why It's Important to Maintain Your Exhaust Systems

Exhaust air systems are known to accumulate large amounts of foreign matter in fairly short time periods. Exhaust air ducts in kitchens, laundries, laboratories, and bathrooms are created to carry away fumes, heat, odors, and more. 

Exhaust systems can also transport the collected foreign matter to areas they serve. This accumulated dirt, grease, and debris could be easily ignited by a spark, an overheated motor, a cooking surface, or any number of common combustion sources. In addition, certain exhaust systems don't do an effective job of removing particularly foul air, while still expending energy that adds up to your monthly balance sheet.

Removing Normal Contaminants From Any Exhaust System

Our comprehensive cleaning services are designed to remove any foreign materials from the interior of your exhaust system. Each accessible point of your system will be addressed, and we guarantee the removal of 97% of existing contaminants with our “direct contact” method of cleaning.

Intake canopies, commonly referred to as hoods, are cleaned and all necessary grills and registers are removed and washed before being reinstalled. Ductwork interiors are vacuum cleaned and washed or scraped, depending on their condition. Fan drums, housings, and exhaust ports are also thoroughly cleaned of any grease or oil that accumulates during its normal operation.

Once your exhaust system has been cleaned, fire hazards will be nearly eliminated and the system is left operating smoothly and efficiently. Safety and energy savings will also increase with regular maintenance services and a helpful service report will be supplied to you once our services are completed.

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