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Air duct system

Full-Service Air Duct Cleaning Options

United Safety Services Inc. offers total cleaning, sanitizing, and decontamination services for any type of air handling systems, ductworks or other equipment that you possess.

Air handling systems that are covered with contaminants and debris can result in severe health and fire hazards. Dirty airflow systems are considered to be functionally and economically inefficient and can raise energy costs to compensate their operating difficulties. Dirt and debris trapped inside your airflow systems can restrict air movement and prevent your system from being able to deliver or remove air properly.

Even worse, trapped dirt particles are dispersed in the other areas serviced by your system. This can result in increased housekeeping expenses, health hazards resulting from the dirty air and systems needing to use even more energy to maintain the requirements of your HVAC temperature and humidity controls.

Let Us Clean Each Part of Your Air Systems

We can provide complete interior cleaning services for any kind of air handling systems you have. Any accessible point in your system will be addressed and we guarantee to successfully remove 97% of contaminants from your system's interior. 

Duct work openings are cleaned, repaired, and sealed after our service is complete, and any units with fans and housings, plenums, coils, or heat exchangers are pressure washed using a special detergent. Fresh air intake ducts, return air ducts, and all additional supply air ducts are also cleaned. All grills, diffusers, and registers will be removed and marked to maintain your current air balance, before being washed and reinstalled.

Convenient Cleaning Services Whenever You Need Them

Our professional air duct systems cleaning services are available at any time of the day or night so that you face the least possible amount of disruption in your normal operations and at no additional cost. We also protect all of your work areas during the cleaning process and leave everything looking as it should when we are completed.

If your particular services require more than a single shift to complete, your systems will be left fully operational and available for normal usage between work shifts. At United Safety Services Inc., we supply all necessary labor, equipment, and cleaning materials, and we require access to only water and electricity to effectively deliver our services. Finally, once your system is clean, unrestricted, and operating as it should be, we will give you a service report detailing the procedures we performed and any additional details based on our inspection of your systems.

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Air duct system
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